Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dream Symbols

I saw this article on Yahoo Wednesday night. Eight dream symbols that point to stress: Nudity, Storms, Crashes, Hell, Death, Bugs, Cats, Losing Teeth

Well, I've developed a fear of death lately, but luckily I don't dream about it!

As for the other symbols?

Cats? Bring 'em on. Cats are taking over things in our house and I don't mind. Look, she's seized control of the remote. Today the TV, tomorow the world!

Nudity? The nightmare would be for the person who saw me.

Crashes? Well I worry about car and airplane crashes when I am conscious, but I don't dream about them.

Storms? When I lived in a house where the street flooded, I had nightmares about it. Now...I've had a tree fall my house during a storm but storms don't bother me in my sleep anymore.

Hell? I don't believe in it, so no problem there. One of the benefits of being a non-believer.

Bugs? he earwig that crawled down my pants when I went to the restroom last week? Freaked me out in real life. Again, no dreams.

Only losing teeth seriously bothers me. It's my most common bad dream, followed by a few others:

Losing teeth. This was always the worst. The teeth are all squiggly and wiggly and fall out like Jeff Goldblum's in The Fly. I confess, this dream has decreased in frequency since I've been going to the dentist on a regular basis.

The Frustration Dream: you know, you struggle and struggle and nothing goes right. I continue to have this one occasionally.

Finding out I have a final for a class I've never been to. -- this was a common dream throughout high school, college, and even into my 20s and 30s. I welcomed my 40s because it stopped.

Witches in the sewers of San Francisco. I'm SERIOUS!! This was my earliest repeating nightmare, in kindergarten and grade school. It was so vivid, I remembered it for years (but now it's gone). It took place in San Francisco, where my mother and I lived at my aunt's house between my parents' divorce and moving to my great-uncle's in Grover formerly City Beach when I started school. This witch came out of the manhole and took me back down with her. And we went through tunnels and there were adventures. I wish I'd written it down when I still remembered it. It would have made a good fantasy book.

By the way, did anyone see A Nightmare on Elm Street at Halloween? Being sucked down into my bed would be pretty bad. Unless Johnny Depp was already there. But you know, Mrs. G's got dibs.

So I'm wondering -- what's in your dreams?


LemonySarah said...

I still have the dream about going to my final even though I've never been to class. Seriously, I lived it - In college, I went to one class THREE times yet still got an A.

I also have the dream about losing teeth. I've got to look up the meaning of that one.

Finally, I have a recurring dream in which I'm CLEANING THE HOUSE. How I wish I were making that up.

Minnesota Matron said...

Okay -- oddly, lately I've dreamed that I've overeaten so much I'm sick and gain 10 pounds in a day AND have dreamed about bats/rabies AND about a book tour. Let's hope the last one is an omen.

i am very mary said...

I had a dream that I was getting it on with Johnny Depp. And I don't even like Johnny Depp. What does THAT mean?

Memarie Lane said...

i have always had dreams of losing my teeth, but i think it's because i'm super afraid of losing my teeth.

Vanessa said...

My dreams have been pretty crazy lately. I keep having a dream about a bee stinging me on the neck. In my dream book bees represent working together as a team. Do you have a dream book that you reference?

Louise said...

I laughed that your "losing teeth" dreams seemed to stop after you started going to the dentist on a regular basis. It seems like to me that most (maybe not the witch one) are completely reflected, almost literally, in your real-life stress. Amazing.

I dream about tornadoes. I have never seen one in real life even though I grew up right next door to tonado alley (and we had our fair share). I forget about it until I see a picture of one, then the myriad of dreams flood back to me.

I also dream I can fly, in a treading water sort of way in the air.

Those are probably the only two dreams that I still have that I've had my whole life.

Anonymous said...

Just like Louise, I too dream of tornado's!
And, I dream of muddy water all the time too.

Deirdre said...

The other night, I dreamt I was driving a school bus filled with Republican college professors who were plotting to turn two other universities into Democratic universities so that they could then pull a switch and all the universities would become Republican.