Monday, November 03, 2008

Signs of Fall 2008

When the days are as warm as we've had, sometimes it is hard to believe fall is here. But here are some signs of fall as I see it.

Leftover Halloween candy, of course.
And See's Pie Truffles...boy did I drop hints to the person named Frank who might pass by one, nay TWO, See's Candies in the near future on his way back from school. Should I have been less subtle? Because I didn't see any in his hand tonight.

The first fire in the fireplace..the Handy Husband is worrying about the size of his woodpile already. But his fires are magnificent.
Simpson's Treehouse of Horror. It took nineteen years before they did a Great Pumpkin parody.

The horror of the leaves on Frank's car. These are chestnut leaves. This tree is on its own cycle...first to turn brown in September (yet the leaves hung on until we got a small bit of rain) and first to turn green in February. Seriously, this tree has a scheduling problem.

The rotating seasonal artwork #1. In our master bath, we have a series of seasonal prints the Handy Husband brought back from China several years ago and I forgot to change the season until I thought about this blog post.

The rotating seasonal artwork #2. We used to have a calendar hanging at the juncture between dining nook and stairway. No one ever used the calendar. So we recently hung a picture there instead. I get fall and winter, and I think Ernest's art will get spring and summer placement. Yes, I painted this.
And the political signs, of course. Don't forget to vote tomorrow. We voted already, because I like to avoid the polling place.


Anonymous said...


Do we get to see more of your art in the future?

Lala said...

As I remember, it was a little hard to tell fall from winter there in the SB valley... still, I do miss it!

Hen said...

Fantastic pumpkin painting!

Mary Alice said...



Yes, we can.

Anonymous said...

You are a really good artist!

Minnesota Matron said...

The Matron hearts all your art but likes the last one best :-)

Louise said...

You are a wonderful painter!!!!!

Saucy said...

I liked your fall post. And the button!