Monday, November 10, 2008

Favorite Things Meme

What's Your Favorite? Or Favourite?

I saw this twice the other day, first on The Guider ...those Brits.. hours ahead in the time zones....and later on Jen on The Edge.

1. Political show - Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. That's what I watched on election night. Can't get any better than that.

2. Picnic food - Deviled eggs if they are kept cold. Must. Make. Some. Soon!!!

3. Mixed drink - Margarita or Mojito or Pomegranate Martini. I don't have mixed drinks too often, so it's hard to choose.

4. U.S. President - the new one.

5. Kind of student to teach - the one who has a little bit of trouble, but totally gets it after sitting with me. Not happening enough this year....

6. Hobby you do or wish you still did - I've had a lot of hobbies that have petered out over the years. I'd really like do learn to play an acoustic guitar. Maybe Ernest will teach me.

7. Sports commentator - You've got to be kidding me. I don't do sports. OK, Dick Button on figure skating. Or Jim McKay on the Olympics on ABC. I'm going WAY BACK.

8. Sport to watch on TV - I will watch NHRA drag racing with the Handy Husband. NO, its NOT the same thing as NASCAR.

9. Animal to have as a pet - CATS CATS CATS CATS

10. Halloween costume you have worn - I love every year. Gypsy, Pirate, Mary Poppins, Cleopatra, Dorothy.

11. Kind of dessert - Cheesecake.

12. Comic strip - A) Medium Large, home of Teenage girl president and other great stuff. In the commercial world, he does Sally Forth. B) Dare I admit my secret sick fascination with Mary Worth when she was stalked by Aldo, the Captain Kangaroo lookalike. and C) Frank shows me funnies from Cyanide and Happiness.

13. Style or make of footwear - my LaPlume Leopard Slides. Why does the website call this a snake print? It's LEOPARD, I tell you. Or cheetah. Or even ocelot. I will accept any spotted mammal. But it's so NOT snake.

14. Ice cream flavor - Chocolate all the way baby.

15. College or university president - Excuse me???? Who knows that? I'll say Robert Huttenback who was the chancellor of UCSB when I was there 30umpteen years ago. There was a small scandal back in 1987.

16. Internet news source - Yahoo News.

17. Vacation spot - yet to be discovered.

18. Wine - Too many to count.

19. Way to waste time instead of working - uh, what I'm doing right now? The internet? Blogging? Greatest time waster in the universe.

20. Student excuse for late work - I never turned in work late.

21. Reality show - Little People, Big World

22. Jewelry on a man -Only if he buys me something first.

23. Pizza topping - margarita -- fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. Not shared by my pepperoni loving children.

24. Children’s movie - The Wizard of Oz and Sleeping Beauty

25. Celebrity you wish would retire - Jerry Lewis. While he does an admirable thing with his telethon, he has said a lot of inappropriate S**t.

Tag yourself!


Very Mary said...

he he - that comic strip is hilarious:)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I love that comic strip. And our new PRESIDENT!!!

I love lots of things you love. But not cats. Achoo! Not that I wouldn't love cats. Achoo! I. Achoo! Would. Achoo! If. Achoo! I. Achoo! Was. Achoo! Not. Achoo! Terribly. Achoo! Allergic. Achoo! To. Achoo! Cats. Achoo! Terribly. Achoo!

Anonymous said...

That strip is hilarious!

Ooh, I love that kind of pizza. Mmmm...

Mary Alice said...

I agree the new president, the chocolate ice cream, jon stewart, more chocolate ice cream.

Minnesota Matron said...

Ha! The Matron is with you on the sports and Jerry Lewis thing. Really.

Vanessa said...

Deviled eggs? Cheesecake? Wine? We must get together soon!