Saturday, November 22, 2008

What to Do

Last week I had a plethora of posts...I had so many ideas the posts were scheduled ahead for the whole week. This week? Pfffft. Not much inspiration, until this morning.

This is our cat. She looks innocent here but I saw her! Not 1 minute earlier she was behaving like a KITTEN, I tell you, clawing at the shadows on the wall. Sox, you are 17 years old. Where was your dignity?

And then there is the indignity of it all. The Handy Husband cleaned the ashes out of his barbecue and found that the ashes were all that was holding it together.

There's my leopard-clad foot, to show the scale. He thinks he can patch it???? I think he needs a new barbecue for Christmas.

What do you think? Please vote!

Help Me!
What should I give the Handy Husband for Christmas?

A new barbecue
A Blu-Ray player
Car gadgets
Scotch and chocolate


Anonymous said...

I'm with Cheri: Get him the grill so that he can cook for you.

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

A barbecue grill is a great gift for any guy, even if he already has a BBQ grill. We're on our second in 4 years. Even if you were to buy him a new sports car, a BBQ grill would give him the same thrill!

blackbird said...

But he'll be EXPECTING a maybe scotch and chocolate?

Vanessa said...

I say he's playing with fire, get the man a new BBQ!

Louise said...

I love your cat. I have a cat that could be her twin!

FIX the barbeque?? Your reaction is making me laugh.

Get him the scotch and chocolate because you can have it when he's not home!

Mrs. G. said...

I voted BR, more mannish at my house.

Anonymous said...

BBQ's don't seem very Christmasey to me, so I voted for the Scotch and Chocolate!
Nice sandal BTW.

Deirdre said...

Scotch and chocolate sounds great. Especially if the Scotch is inside the chocolate -- those little chocolate wine bottle.

Think of the barbeque as a household expense -- a replacement that you should go buy today.

Also, I love your shoe!

Rhea said...

Holy mother of...that IS a large hole in the BBQ!!

And I love that your cat still chases shadows. :o)

barbra said...

Since I don't know what your husband would like, I'll vote for what my husband would like. A BBQ or a Blu-Ray, a BBQ or a Blu-Ray? A Blu-Ray would be more exciting to him...

dkuroiwa said...

My brothers ("A man's kitchen is the patio.") would know instinctively if I voted for anything other than the new grill it is!! My bro has "the cadillac" of grills...I think he's out there pretty much 3 nights a week...all year sister-in-law loves it!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That's quite a whole--I'd definitely go for the nex BBQ--as Cheri says, "How else will he cook your dinner?"

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Not just ANY bbq, but maybe one of those that can roast chickens on spits and feed a small army of neighbors?