Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Have Achieved The Impossible

Laundry. 6 loads, one day. All sorted and matched and put away*. That's the impossible.

Footnote: *for the sons it's in piles that they are supposed to put away as soon as they are off their computers. Yeah, right, like that will happen. And Frank should be doing his own laundry. He may have done it a few times. But I do give him notice when I'm doing laundry. "If you want me to do yours, bring it down. Now!" Sometimes he does.

  1. Whites -- full of socks that somehow ONLY I can match. Why is it so difficult? I should make a chart. HH - puffy white. Ernest - grey heel/toe. Frank - ankle socks. ST Mom - leftovers. It's sad, I have been wearing Ernest's outgrown white socks. Get a life, STM!!! Get some girly socks. The Sock Loft is calling me.
  2. Red/Yellow/Purple -- mostly mine, a few HH t-shirts

  3. Blue/Greens -- mostly the HH's jeans and Ts

  4. Blacks -- This would be all of Frank's (except socks) and most of Ernest's. Frank's laundry showed up just in time for this load.

  5. Another load of whites, because Frank's socks showed up late

  6. Sheets -- Our bottom flannel sheet ripped irreparably, but I found an old one in the cupboard. We are now mismatched in a totally colorful way.

If I fold another thing tonight I will scream.


Jen said...

Wow - I bow to your laundry powers, I would have gone crazy by now!

Louise said...

Wow! I only do laundry "one day a week." But the putting away usually drags into other days. All in one day is VERY impressive!

smalltownme said...

I've had the putting-away drag out over a week sometimes, so I'm really pleased to get it done in one day!

barbra said...

LOVE your quilt!

I bought everyone's socks with The Hubby in mind: he was telling me he COULDN'T match the kids' socks and put them away because he couldn't tell whose were whose.

Gold toe for Big Girl

Plain white for Middle Girl

Grey sock and heel for The Boy

He thought it was a good idea for a few weeks; now once again it is falling to me and me alone. WHY?

Anonymous said...

I really like the unmatched sheets, they look so cool and inviting!

Daisy said...

I hear you! I buy the men's socks so that Husband and Teen boy's are visibly different. I love the creative mismatch of sheets -- as long as it's comfy, who cares if they match?!

Anonymous said...

As you know, I don't have the sock problem in my house. I do however get the underwear mixed up in puzzling ways.