Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Evening with the TV

It seems like the TV is always on, but I don't watch a lot of TV shows.

The Handy Husband likes the Daily Show and Colbert Report repeats at 8 pm. He seems to prefer watching our oldest TV in the den, because he can flip the channels the fastest on it. (This was one thing he forgot to check out when we bought a projection TV seven years ago. We've replaced it with an LCD which flips a little faster, but still...I don't know what he'll do when the old Sony craps out. We've had it repaired several times.) So I never pay much attention to what's on primetime. Because it all flips by so fast.

Then I discovered Pushing Daisies. I loved it. Imaginative, colorful, mysterious and romantic all at the same time. I watched season one on DVD. Ernest watched with me. So all of a sudden, Wednesday had a purpose. We could watch Pushing Daisies together at 8:00, then MythBusters at 9. For a few weeks, Wednesdays were wonderful. Then they were woeful Wednesdays when it wasn't on for a few weeks. But wait, there's a new episode coming on November 17. Only a week to go.

So, what else should I watch? What's your favorite TV show this year, and why?


barbra said...

I recommend "Chuck" (Mondays or TiVo it). It's geeky, campy, sweet, romantic AND has good action scenes.

The geeky guy is actually really cute. I am a sucker for cute-smart. AND AM HELPLESS IF THEY ARE TALL, LANKY, AND WEAR CHUCK TAYLORS.

If you have DirecTV, watch Friday Night Lights. You will not find better acting on TV.

I don't miss The Office and 30 Rock, and Samantha Who? is pretty cute.

Jen said...

I don't watch anything live any more, we Sky+ (like Tivo) everything and watch it when we want, with the exception of Strictly Come Dancing.

But I like Pushing Daisys, and Chuck, though I do find it very confusing that both have a character called Chuck.

I've given up on quite a few series the last year or so, life is too short!

donna said...

I'm not much of a TV fan but I have enjoyed watching SNL during the elections and 30 Rock.

Anonymous said...

Monday nights: CBS, Big Bang Theory - it absolutely cracks me up and 2 1/2 Men is really funny too.
Thursday nights: CBS, (what is there fly paper on my remote?) CSI. Love. That. Show.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh! I love Dexter. It's about a guy who is a gory serial killer. But in a good way.

Tricia said...

There are two TV shows that I watch, and I like both because the writers create great dialog: Brothers and Sisters and Boston Legal. Every once in a while I throw in a Grey's Anatomy, but otherwise I'm a news junkie.

Mary Alice said...

I hardly watch any TV other than news. I have to get up so early that I can't stay up late and watch the good stuff. I catch up on missed Brothers and Sisters episodes the following year on DVD at my leisure.