Tuesday, November 11, 2008


On Saturday night, the Handy Husband was sitting in the other room, totally stealing my reading glasses! I was going to paparazzi him but that felt mean. So instead of stealthily covertly sneakily surreptitiously taking his picture, I'm substituting this:

And NO, I'm not dissing the Handy Husband here. Peter Boyle as the Monster in Young Frankenstein is totally HAWT. In fact, add him to my Secret Boyfriend List. (Is that leopard he is wearing? MMmmm.)

I'm going to get my husband some reading glasses of his own so he too can look like this sexy beast.


Anonymous said...

I've seen photos of your husband and he's definitely better looking than Peter Boyle as Frankenstein.

smalltownme said...

Well, of course he is. But when I saw him wearing my glasses that's the image that flashed in my mind.

Louise said...