Monday, November 24, 2008

Playing With Fire

It seems the verdict is in... His own blood relatives did not comment (maybe they voted anonymously) but they know him and would say the same thing: Unless he makes a miraculous repair (which is totally possible) the handy husband will get a barbecue for Christmas, because he likes to play with fire.

Musical interlude, which has nothing to do with barbecues.

And if he burns himself, tears go by... Yet another musical interlude which has even less to do with barbecues. I'm just in the mood for some 60's Stones.

And why am I embedding these "old school" videos? Because my Handy Husband is an "old school" barbecue-er. None of that newfangled propane gassy stuff for him. It's wood, baby, wood all the way. Oak wood fires... Which take an hour to get the coals just right. But the food is ever so tasty when it is done.

So let's leave with a little Norwegian wood.


Anonymous said...

Earlier post mentioned clothes as an option. What kind/style/function are we talking, here? New jeans? Shirts from Land's End? Sweater? Gloves? Slippers?

His Mom needs a clue.

Jen said...

I think fire sounds a good idea - and maybe he could even BBQ the Christmas turkey? Our neighbours did it one year and loved it!

dkuroiwa said...

With a BBQ, everyone gets something he/she wants!!! :-D
He gets to play with fire, and you, my dear can let him AND get a meal when it's all said and done!
Ooh....turkey....feeling some pangs of homesickness beginning...I have such a love/hate relationship with this time of year!!

Jen said...

Hmm - I assume this is not you:

Vanessa said...

Seems like the safest choice given that he's playing with fire and all! If he loves the BBQ that much, should be a great gift for him. And by the way, I'll be stopping by for dinner on the barbie next time I'm in town!

Louise said...

I laugh at your humor!