Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Wasn't Me that Forgot! How Refreshing!

Ernest can be pretty darn perfect and sometimes seems like a grown-up in a boy's body, but every once in a while he slips up and makes a human error like the rest of us. How refreshing.

Mom, can we [we? really?] do laundry soon? I'm running out of clothes. I keep asking you to bring your laundry downstairs. [All weekend long I asked him. And when I checked the situation later, it was only socks that were running short. There were tons of clothes...in the drawers...on the chair...even 2 clean folded t-shirts mixed in with the dirty laundry.]

Last week I signed a permission slip and wrote a check for Ernest's field trip. I wrote down the date on the calendar: Friday the 21st. But he kept telling me it was Wednesday. I didn't keep a copy of the permission slip to double check, so I believed him and changed the date on the calendar. Yesterday, I asked him why kids were wearing pajamas [this will make sense in a second] to school. Oh, it's spirit week. Today is Pajama Day. Can I borrow Frank's kilt on Wed. for Heritage day? You're going to wear a kilt on your field trip? No, you were right, Mom. The field trip is Friday after all. Ha! Justified! It was a total ITYS (I TOLD YOU SO) moment but I controlled myself! [Mom pats self on back.]

And he forgot his piano lesson today (He was doing a school project and I was at the store.)

I feel so much more normal now. I'm not the only one who forgets things! You'd be surprised how much that lifts my mood.


Very Mary said...

Sometimes, when I have an ITYS moment? I just hug her without words. We all need hugs, you know?

Anonymous said...

Grrr! Folded laundry in the dirty clothes basket makes me angry!!
Glad you had an ITYS moment!

Vanessa said...

I love the ITYS! Now that I've learned that one, I'll try to restrain myself.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Well at least he remembered he had a field trip--I'm not sure I'd get that from Danger Boy.

Sarah said...

My kids have very selective memories. They remember every detail about their video games but forget to do homework.

And me? Just call me Forgetful Jones.

But! I just remembered my newest recurring dream, for which I have NO explanation: I keep having dreams in which I'm in a game show competing against... wait for it... The Jonas Brothers!

What the %$#& does THAT mean?

Louise said...

And he can't blame it on age! It's a beautiful thing!

Mary Alice said...

I agree with very Mary....clean, still folded clothes in amongst the dirties...makes my head spin around and fire shoot out of my eyeballs.

dkuroiwa said...

...and this is all more the reason that I only go into their room when it is absolutely necessary or when it's time to tuck them in and say our "good night prayers", but then, the lights are off and I can see nothing! I get so tired of nagging them about toys/clothes (clean and dirty!)/papers/you-name-it all on the floor!!!
At least my piles of clothes on the floor are clean and folded and very neatly placed in front of the dresser!! yeah...sometimes DNA is really easy to trace!!!
and yeah...hugs are good.