Thursday, November 06, 2008

[Not] Getting Things Done

I'm all about not getting things done this week.

The laundry pile (clean) is still not folded. 4 days.
The bills are still not paid. 5 days.
The Halloween costumes are still not put away. 6 days.

I'm hoping that by admitting this in writing, I will embarass myself sufficiently to get these darn things done today!

However, on the plus side the dishes are washed and the dining room table is clear.

What annoying little task(s) have you put off this week?

[Update: Laundry folded, bills paid. Two out of three ain't bad. Halloween costumes, while still not put away, at least are not longer on the foot of my bed.]


barbra said...

The house cleaner came yesterday, so I had to get everything put away. Otherwise, I'm sure I wouldn't have.

Yesterday, we completely forgot about violin practice. The lesson is today and I think she's only practiced twice this week. It was a busy week!

I think I win, because looking at this pile on my desk, the items in it have been there, waiting to bet done, for MONTHS.

Louise said...

Cleaning off my stamping table, which HAS to be done today because I have a class on it tonight.

If you're like me, you don't REALLY put things off, there are just more important things required sooner.

Then other things come up that suck up a day or two, and before you know it, everything is behind!

Anonymous said...

Along with Barbra, the pile of paper waiting to be filed is growing. Because company was coming, I scooped it all into a handy (Amazon) box. More has been added, of course....

The cat is fed,
the Blog site read,
I made the bed,
'nuff said....

Anonymous said...


jenontheedge said...

Dusting and vacuuming. Blech.

Ellyn said...

Vaccuming, laundry, general cleaning, bills. The list goes on and on

Thanks for stopping by and helping me with my project. Have a great night.

Memarie Lane said...

with brad not working i'm actually ahead of the game. the only thing i can't seem to get done is making the bed.

LemonySarah said...

Now that you've got me thinking, I've been putting off an awful lot of household tasks, such as vacuuming, dusting, laundry, seriously cleaning the bathrooms, not to mention projects including getting the summer clothes out of my closet.

Oh, and I really should paint the new garage door.


dkuroiwa said... you can just call me "the great procrastinator" as I sit here in my corner of the room, looking out over the path (literally) to the next room. I have given the world "cluttered" a whole new meaning.'s on my list for tomorrow....definitely....maybe.
(but..the dishes are done...the table is clean...and I only have 3 or 4 loads of laundry to do tomorrow!)
Have a great weekend.

Tricia said...

Let me know if the public humiliation strategy works because I've got a ton of things on my list too.

Bunny Bunster said...

Dishwasher still needs unloaded.

The Over-Thinker said...

The only thing I've actually accomplished this week is moving one pile o' mess from one room to another and crossing off "Hide Pile of Mess" off my list!

Thanks a bunch for the blog visit...ya know, the "urine" thing is a serious traffic-motivator :)