Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saving Grace For Another Year

I wanted this blue angel. Badly. Oh, so badly. And the HH wanted her too, and was willing to sell his yellow friend, who's a pretty tight squeeze.

This is NOT a good picture of Belinda Bleu. Yes, I've named her already. This is from the website where you can change the color. She really looks less trashy flashy gaudy.

Oh, yeah. That's a better picture.

But know...the financial thingies took a serious downturn. And who would buy the yellow car now? So the blue angel is still waiting in car lot heaven.....which is probably good, becuase the HH and I would have fough tooth and nail been conflicted over who would get to drive her.

Therefore my Grace and I are hanging out while longer. Although she almost has 100,000 miles, she's still a grand old lady. She's not ready for the retirement home yet. And best of all, her registration is down to only $156.

But still...Belinda and I could have had a blast.


Anonymous said...

I feel confident that you'll have Belinda one day. Just be patient.

We're boring and don't name our cars. We just call them "car" and "van."

i am very mary said...

My girl is named Kate. She's a Brit, so you have to say it with that adorable clipped British accent. Hubby's car is German and his name is Stag (pronounced Schtag). I love naming things. I think it might be a disease.

Louise said...

Yes, you would have had a blast, but good for you!

I'm on the 3rd car of my life. Granted, I didn't get my first car until I was 23, but 20 years later, I'm on the 3rd. The first was clearly a necessisty. The 2nd was somewhat of a whim after a chunky tax return. (I got an Eclipse Turbo. I was single and MAN was it fun!) The current one, a mini-van, we got when the first child arrived because we never took trips without our dogs. It has 102,000 miles on it. I will drive it until it falls apart. (I hope then I can go back to an Eclipse-like thing, but probably not.)

Would I like a newer automobile? YES! Do I need one? No!

Vanessa said...

Something tells me you'll have Belinda one day. She sure is pretty.