Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pissed Off

There are often little wet spots around my toilet. No one takes responsibility for them. But I know I do my business sitting down, so they are not mine. There are 3 "men" that also use MY bathroom and they all deny any knowledge of any the marks. Who splattered on the back of the toilet seat tonight??? (And left some rebound wetness on the seat, which I sat on, which pissed me off in the first place, which started this whole rant??) Who left a small puddle on the floor to the left of the toilet, between last night when I made Ernest wipe up the previous puddle, and tonight??? There are 3 of them. SOMEONE IS LYING. Do I need to be the bathroom police, and check it out after every pee? I think I do. I am irritated and they have spoiled my party mood.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I'd be irritated too!

Thank goodness for little girls.

Anonymous said...

Someone at my house as been leaving the seat and lid up in the laundry room/ 1/2 bath.
I know it's not me, and I'm pretty sure it's not the puppy.
I think that all men and boys should be required (forced! actually) to sit while peeing, unless they are outside.
My guys pee outside all of the time. That's how I trained Sonny Boy. But then again we live on a farm out in the middle of nowhere.

What you need is a Nanny Cam set up it the bathroom.
But then again, maybe that's not such a good idea...

Anonymous said...

Well, 2 of the miscreants can be banished from your bathroom; it's not like that's the only toilet available. With just HH (aka YS) sharing, your list of suspects would dramatically narrow.

smalltownme said...

M-i-l, your Y-S has wonderful manners so I know it's not him. You know he's my knight in shining armor. You raised him right. And thank you for commenting! It means a lot!

Bunny: We have a dry creek in the back yard. One day, around 15 years ago, the HH encouraged Frank to go to the bathroom down there (meaning pee) but Frank squatted on the bank of the creek and did #2instead. I laughed. I'm sorry! It was funny. Some of them do "pee in the creek" if they are out there but we are still in town so... Damn, wish I had inherited my mom's family's farm in Minnesota. They could have peed in 3 feet of snow!.................And maybe your puppy IS smart enough. She looks smart!

I would like to ban the younglings from my bathroom, but they avoid their own. (HH encouraged them to use OUR shower. And we have asked them not to do #2 in the hall bath because they make smells.) I hate to order them not to use my bathroom but it may come down to that.

And this was leading me into a very serious discussion about intact penises. Maybe I should save that for another day.

Anonymous said...

And this was leading me into a very serious discussion about intact penises. Maybe I should save that for another day.

As opposed to penises that are not intact??

HA! HA! He #2'ed in the creek!
Boys will be boys!

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of having them just pee outside is the best. Taking aim on a tree, fence, shed wall, up into a hanging plant is much better (and more fun) than going into a toilet anyways (plus it saves water). Bunny Busters idea of a nanny cam is also a good idea of catching someone in the act but that could become quite awkward if its a visitor you are viewing. lol And as far as intact penises go.. intact are harder to aim. The stream is very unpredictable unless the foreskin is retracted below the head (or at least away from the area of the pee hole). Circumcised is the best as far as aim and distance accuracy goes. Just my two cents though. : )